10 Ways to Reduce Sugar and Calories

June 22nd, 2011 by admin

1. When baking cakes, cookies and muffins replace part of the oil and sugar with unsweetened applesauce to retain moisture while reducing calories and sugar.
2. Grilling or baking corn on the cob in the husk will make it so flavorful that no salt or butter is needed.
3. Use agave honey or stevia (a super-sweet plant-based sweetner) extract in place of about half the sugar for less calories when cooking and sweetening beverages. NOTE: Stevia is twice as sweet as table sugar with zero calories.Check out this link here.
4. Substituting plain Greek yogurt for sour cream when cooking and on baked potatoes equals less calories.
5. Use pureed vegetables in spaghetti sauces and reduce the amount of meat to reduce calories.
6. When making vinaigrette type salad dressings, switch the amount of oil and water. Your dressing will taste the same and have fewer calories.
7. Use a spray bottle for salad dressing to help with portion control and reduce calories.
8. Instead of frozen sugary treats, put fruit on a bamboo skewer and freeze for less calories and sugars.
9. Make your own breakfast syrup and substitute stevia or agave honey for part of the sugar.
10. Use a spray oil for cooking because you will use much less than when you pour it on.

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